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Introducing Three New Money-Saving Programs

Recently, a team of Belk associates joined forces to reduce in-patient medical expense using the Six Sigma methodology. As a result of this project, in early July Belk is enhancing two programs to save associates money and provide quality health care: 2-Star Premium Provider Program and Health Assistance Program.

The ACE project team identified how much associates can save and improve their health in the long run when they use the 2-Star Premium Provider and Health Assistance programs. Based on actual data from the Belk health plan, the team discovered that

People using the 2-star providers receive higher quality care that results in lower costs

People managing their health through the Health Assistance program
have a significantly lower chance of being hospitalized and if admitted,
they have a significantly lower cost of hospitalization

“These two enhancements provide a win-win situation: help improve the quality of health care associates receive and lower their cost of care,” said Joe Armstrong, director, healthcare. Read More

Treasure Hunt Contest
From July 1 - 30, there will be a Treasure Hunt contest on The contest will ask you to answer five questions about the new programs and there will be hints as to where you can find the answers. All correct entries will be entered into a drawing to take place the first week of August. Belk Gift Card Prizes will range from $25 to $200.