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View gladly accepts news items about any Belk store, division, associate or event. 
Examples of appropriate story ideas include but are not limited to:

• a successful sales promotional event for customers;
• a successful sales contest for associates;
• a store contributes time, money, space, etc. to support a community cause;
• an associate makes an outstanding sale;
• an associate demonstrates superior customer service;
• an associate makes an extraordinary contribution to a local charity;
• a store and/or its associates receive positive coverage or ranking in the local press;
• a division develops a successful or motivational selling strategy; and/or
• a division or store wins a vendor promotional or selling contest.

View Magazine's content will also include information about company goals and performance, employee benefits, retail trends and other data of general interest to all Belk management and associates.   



Associates should download and complete the submission form and send via email to

Photographs submitted to support a story are always welcomed. Digital photos may be included as attachments along with the view magazine submission form.

View staff regrets that occasionally it is not able to include newsworthy information or events in an issue because of the magazine’s production schedule and/or available space.


The Corporate Communications Department, working with Belk management as appropriate, reserves the right to accept or reject ideas submitted for View Magazine. Articles, information and ideas submitted are subject to editing for grammar and basic journalistic tenets, as well as for space considerations.

The Corporate Communications Department also reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time. Any and all changes will be posted as soon as possible on The Hanger. Significant changes will be communicated.